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Are you afraid to start something new, too?

Setting up a blog

FFT's are Fn First Times according to Brene' Brown. Best known for crafty ways of describing fear, shame, and empathy when doing anything for the first time.


This is the first time setting up a few blog options to help launch the review section of the children's book blog and ten-part book blog and podcast series Simple One Step Success: your value expands your personal brand for the Business Learner Series.

This is scary stuff, to me.

People will get to know me more personally from around the world. Who wouldn't be a little nervous and afraid?

Being an ambivert leaning toward the introvert side means rather than be at the center of attention prefer to be in the background. Not possible when doing blogs, podcasting, speaking, publishing, and being really kind helping people become their best.

Building walls keeps everyone out including those we need ~ Patience Phillips


Who does not have difficulties? Life is full of them. This is how we grow and mature, right?

Building walls, so people could not see me or the things that happened in the military, was not an easy task. The mistakes I made or the things people did that hurt me made me want to disappear. Writing a blog will make me super seen.

How to take down the wall? For years to overcome shame and fear practice being a better representative of what happiness is. This means finding what is in my heart and if it hurts doing my best to work through the pain to find what makes me smile.

To be less afraid of being seen on stage practiced for decades in different ways. Speech class in college, Stand Up Comedy, Toastmasters, Storytelling events, to name a few.

Not being the best always doing the best is my goal to prepare for moments like this. Or, being on tour to play guitar for children at book signings. The kids are easy. The parents, 'Yikes', and we're back to scary again :)


Struggling creates super hero's. When we go through fear and or shame we learn how many things feel. We relate to other people going through the same problems. This is an important life skill to help us connect with many different humans.

Empowering Happiness Through Literacy

Literacy is not just about reading books. Knowledge to Understand for Wisdom to Insight of Choices. The more we know the better we can do.

Do the best until you know better. Then when you know better, do better” ~ Maya Angelou

Fear, shame, and empathy can provide problems or potential. Literacy helps us grow choices we can employ for the boundless potential to help us decide possibilities.

So glad you are here to explore the world through these series with me. From blogs to podcasts, live and online learning.

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Thank you for reading. Kind regards, Patience Phillips

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