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What do I do when ... ? Vol 1:3

April 13, 2021, by Patience Phillips

Business Learner Series. Volume 1: Article 3

Welcome to Simple One Step Success Your Value Expands Your Personal Brand blog. With empowering happiness through literacy expert, Patience Phillips @AskMissPatience, on knowledge to understand for the wisdom of insight in choices guidance. Inviting you to participate in this year's series. Where Patience and top-level experts share how to value and expand your personal brand elevation. Taking life and business to the next level forecasting dreams to reality.

Four questions this blog answers:

  1. What do I do when crap hits the fan and I have a deadline?

  2. Where is part two, "When do I have time?"

  3. Why skip?

  4. Where are the downloads?

Answers to these questions can solicit hope in mastering redirection from ease and focus. Despite disruptions based on principles and rearranged values.

Or, am I the only one who is ever confronted with disheveled with unexpected happenstance of climate, family, and personal crisis at times conflicting with the biggest dreams to goals of a lifetime withheld by life happenstances?

A sole proprietor to a brick and mortal mogul wants the same thing, success.

This ten-part series will provide many tools and connections to gain momentum. Based on feedback the follow-up series will provide strategies and demonstrations for building with tools necessary in business today.

No matter if an influencer with a million followers or a youth living on the streets with a dream. We all begin somewhere. In this blog, the focus is 'What do I do when crap hits the fan and I have a deadline, and other tips to aid in getting to the next place immediately or as soon as possible. Maybe even find a better way through the trials.

This series of ten blogs answers many questions I’ve had personally, clients repeat and listened to publishing buddies struggle with over the years. The purpose is transformative.

Each Blog this year will vary in distance and tools depending on the featured question.

Simple One-Step Success, Your Value Expands Your Personal Brand ten-part series blog and podcast will include the feedback. Readers and listeners like yourself who apply choices to assist progress. Provide branding tips and tools to help with achievement.

What I know for sure, every step fills a journey over time by asking oneself, “What do I do when ...?”

In the words of Stephen Covey on the urgent vs important dichotomy,

"Most of us spend too much time on what is urgent and not enough time on what is important."

Central to Covey's approach to time management believes the main reason time management is a struggle is important, and meaningful life desires are overtly distracted by urgency. Pebbles crowding out the big rocks and need for moments like now, what do I do when happenstance?

Part 2 "When do I have time?" is in a draft. Ready to know why the skip. Yes, the blog "When do I have time Vol 1:2 of 2" will be published and ...

"What happened was ...", this statement usually leads to a story of something difficult with a funny ending. Usually. Lessons.

Sometimes, though simply an icky interruption that leads to unavoidable pauses in business workflow. New timelines and deadlines are required.

What Ariel Gore teaches in How to Become a Famous Writer Before You're Dead "Deadlines and word counts" are more important than punctuation is how I took her advisement. Also, having a superhero alter ego who can take upset and rejection helps toward success.

Since the discovery of these core tenants of literary success found each to be beneficial. Until recently hadn't missed a single deadline I could recollect. Now, when the rubber meets the road toward building a successful thriving empire find a variety of deadline disruptors.

Covid disrupted the launch tour of my first children's book in a series for fall 2020. Derecho, the worst land thunderstorm in recorded history hit the business property at 140 mph winds causing damage like a 60-foot gaping hole around the roof among other catastrophic issues to the renovations for the Co-working hostel for youth aging from the foster care system and entrepreneurs. My father died and suffered through 2020, as well, from Lewy Body Dementia and other issues.

Now, hitting targets in 2021 for this blog and relocated the launch goals for My Teacher is NOT an Octopus: self-regulating behavior management book of the Nurture Learner Series setting up for a podcast on Choice Challenge: Poor to better decisions for everyday behavior. Fresh perspective. Six Choices. Better humans to 2022 to support the fan base that is struggling with Covid dichotomies.

Until my uncle fell twice in a week.

Action: Move all appointments for a month. Pack up the office. Drive across the country to New York. Find a hot mess. Realize this isn't going to be easy. Cry. Keep trucking through a highway in hell. My biggest lesson, knowing what's important will always drive me toward success. Not what I think is. What I am sure and most often uncertain of.

What big rocks matter most is evident in the choices taken

My business associate Olubanjo Emmanual shared he too is going through the process of making shifts to his own priorities for success. All of these help our platforms in ways we haven't thought of yet. How?

Flexibility challenge or need to reassess goals. Not be hard on oneself for making these choices. Keeping watch over the goals in new ways.

The following is the reply to Olubanjo, my consulting associate, who checked in with me on LinkedIn.

I'm in NY helping my elder uncle who's disabled and recently fallen a couple of times for health care and safety.

I've been working 12 to 15 hour days for the last few weeks (on his paperwork and other needs).

I'm glad we (Olubanjo and myself) agreed to make a shift toward goals because this was an emergency.

There's a lot of good news, too. But I'm moving like molasses and missing deadlines for business at the moment.

I've reset my schedule and am determined to succeed.

I think a blog needs to be dedicated to ”what do I do when?” (here we are a few minutes later)

Meaning, when something huge like an emergency throws off the rally effort. Then, what?

Let’s keep supporting one another on this winding path of a journey at the moment.

I know what we discussed about 2022.

For now, ten blogs are not all released in a fine line of perfect timing. But, will be finished as quickly in 2021 as possible.

Then, we move forward with 2022 with a podcast and I’ll do ten more blogs and so on.

Many lessons within the moment my consulting buddy.

We are destined for outward greatness that we already hold within that's maturing through this process 😁

Emergencies can not be avoided. Mastering flexibility and diversity of approach is key. How?

Empower happiness through literacy in knowledge for understanding wisdom to insight in choices. Many lessons within the moment can lead our direction toward success.

Practice. Be prepared to be thrown a loop. Practice. 10X

"Practice isn't the thing you do once you're good. It's the thing you do that makes you good." Malcolm Gladwell

The four core tenants of my practice:

  1. Patience. Not being married to anything. Flexibility.

  2. Perspective. Calm. Mindful of the moment.

  3. Persistence. If one thing does not work try something else. Third Alternative thinking.

  4. Practicality. Knowing limits and when to ask for help when drowning.

Faith is a guidepost, in my opinion. As Stephen Covey remarks in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, a circle of influence or where we gain our strength or where we get the gas and refueling to gain momentum for any struggle passage.

Where do you gain the energy and clarity for choices? ____________________________

One story of Peter in the bible. Even if you do not believe this is a really cool story.

Peter decides to take up Jesus on getting outta the boat to walk on water.

  • Any challenge we are given requires a whole lotta faith when we have no clue we are not fully capable of success.

Peter begins to walk on water.

  • Distracted by the storm begins sinking. Any challenge we are given requires a whole lotta faith when we have no clue we are fully capable of success.

There's an exchange between Peter and Jesus. Peter refocuses.

  • Walks with his cheerleader back to the boat.

What I know for sure is "perspective is everything".

When Peter refocuses calmly he can do something miraculous.

In my own life based on feedback from others, their perspective is I accomplish miraculous things. Two people thanked me for saving my uncle's life.

My observation is those people's perspectives were disrupted by a storm. For me, the circumstance required very little to adjust and head down the path toward goals my uncle desires. But, struggled with finding anyone who could support his walk toward them. Well, in his case hobble toward goals with someone to help ambulate his process. Meaning he needs someone to walk with him so he does not fall. Requires someone to help understand his options. Cheer him on rather than break him down.

There is not one person who is not side tracked by life. Knowing what we value helps us determine the quadrant of need for focus.

Stephen Covey's First Things First demonstrated a simple chart. Four quadrants. When we operate out of quadrant two knowing one is available. Avoid three and four as best we can answer the question "What do I do when ...?" becomes simpler.

Life has many twists and turns. Preparing for them all is impossible. Practicing tools in our arsenal of referral resources is key to strategy shifts required to accomplishment by our own standards, and administer lifelong business goals toward success.

What I prioritize or you decide is most important is at the core of how we will find the peace and self-care needed to feed our soul. Knowing what we can do and who to ask for help will guide the flow.

Keeping the end in mind does not mean there will not be adjustments along the way.

Rather than seeing disruptions to a timeline as a stepping stone for self-talk that impedes movement. Use this perceived detour as an opportunity to sightsee new ways of showing up for business. Relating to other people's struggles. Seeking a deeper understanding of the world of humanity that requires we be at our best to help move energy toward other people being their best.

When in doubt of what to do in this or any circumstance refer to blog one of ten in this series When do I have time? Sometimes we have to be off-balance to find it. Emergency moments are definitely those times we must remember how to reground and run with the new. Rather than focus on disappointment or determination to do what we decided when.

Each moment in life requires our presence to what is true at the time. Not what we planned before or for after the single step of what is before us now.

This short little book has an incredible impact. Which are you? A. Sniff B. Scurry C. Him D. Haw?

Ready to find out who these are and which you are in personality. Learn approaches to when Cheese moves that will make life compel forward in delightfully memorable ways. Even those where my uncle is frail and requires shifting not only his mindset but care plan. Rather than ground in what is not working. Being flexible while sad and even mad at times is what got me to this blog for you dear reader.

Find one nugget of truth for yourself in this blog. Act on this. Let me know how things turn out.

You can find me on LinkedIn and Goodreads until I hire an assistant. For now, whenever you are reading this know #YouAreNotAlone and you have the power to provide what you need for yourself. Through this, you can provide for others when all the ingredients come together to bake the outcome. Results rarely look how we believe they should. Children grow up and become adults in ways we might not prefer. Cookies sometimes taste like toothpaste when we are ten and illiterate. Mistaking one teaspoon for one cup. #TrueStory.

Many times in life s*** happens. I hope to share what I know with others and in this crockpot of life, ideas are generated for others to create less pain and more peace for themselves and the world around them.

Make a lot of money. Help a lot of people. Have more fun, David Meltzer

Showing up in the world requires a lot of our attention. Creating successful tools and rituals of approach make the difference, in my opinion. How we do this is up to us.

Hopefully, in some way, our connection, you and me, will benefit both our lives. Trickling out into the world benefiting humanity.

Simple One Step Success: Your Value Expands. Your Personal Brand is all about making decisions. One at a time. With practice maybe a few at a time. Or, in my case with hypervigilance from military service being able to assemble a universe of happenings in a moment. Similar to Young Sheldon who aspires to Scientific theorist splendor in Big Bang Theory (Elon musk special gest episode)

Regardless of what your ability is now, this is the moment to consider what is possible. How to begin. #YouGotThis Use this blog, the ten-part series, and more to fill in the holes making things whole.

Self-critical is NOT the same as self-sabotage.

When emergencies happen or change occurs outside our control caring for the details does not suddenly disappear. Greatness is in the details. Approaching circumstances with similar tenacity and ability to assess, arrange, and detect what is the next step now will assist the steps for the emergency like all other success strategies.

Leveraging our skill sets and ability in emergencies including what works for business can support a smoother bumpy transition into solutions in any circumstance. Each can feed the other.

All of life is a school.

The older we get the more we become a teacher. Ceasing to be a student of our now moments will lead to roadblocks. Deter innovation. Hinder movement and cause stress.

Beginner mind is one for daily use yielding massive success for me. Meaning in each moment is an opportunity to learn. Grow. Mature. Regardless of age. Science proves time and time again within now longevity is procured through new experiences.

Settle into routines and habits atrophies the brain. Effects can root to deterioration. Another example is connections. Relationships blossom with variety. Ever heard of the Four or Seven-Year Itch?

Sample, two articles to explain the science behind routine versus revival ritual:

Blog one of this series discusses ways to re-center. Define rituals versus habits. Ways to succeed, full blog here.

"Habits may be essential, but how we do them is more important for sustainability", (Nir Eyal 125-130)

Thank you for reading. If you like the article please share it. Let's connect on LinkedIn and Goodreads.

Innovation launches when we release habits into ritual possibilities

Have a question for me? Connect on LinkedIn and Goodreads. If I am is not able to assist am happy to refer you to someone who may be able to. If you know anyone else who may benefit from this post, please be sure to pass this blog on.

Thank you for reading

Arriving soon, in blog three dig deep, “How do I forecast dreams?”

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