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When do I have time? Vol.1:2, 1 of 2

March 9, 2021, by Patience Phillips

Business Learner Series. Volume 1: Article 2, Part 1 of 2

Welcome to Simple One Step Success Your Value Expands Your Personal Brand blog. With empowering happiness through literacy expert, Patience Phillips @AskMissPatience, on knowledge to understand for the wisdom of insight in choices guidance. Inviting you to participate in this year's series. Where Patience and top-level experts share how to value and expand your personal brand elevation. Taking life and business to the next level forecasting dreams to reality.

“Remember that if you don’t prioritize your life someone else will” Greg McKeown

A sole proprietor to a brick and mortal mogul wants the same thing, success.

This blog series will provide many tools and connections to gain momentum. Based on feedback the follow-up series will provide strategies and demonstrations for building with tools necessary in business today.

No matter if an influencer with a million followers or a youth living on the streets with a dream. We all begin somewhere. In this blog, the focus is ‘When do I have time’ successfully?

This series of blogs answers many questions I’ve had personally, clients repeat and listened to publishing buddies struggle with over the years. The purpose is transformative.

Simple One Step Success, Your Value Expands Your Personal Brand blogs will include the feedback. Readers and listeners like yourself who apply choices to assist progress toward achievement.

What I know for sure, every step fills a journey over time by asking oneself, “When do I have time?”

“Efforts to deepen your focus will struggle if you don’t simultaneously wean your mind from a dependence on distraction” Cal Newport

This blog is the beginning, middle, or end guide for improvement with ideas to create white space, room on the calendar for what is important. Breaking bad habits that do not serve the forecast to dream ritual ability.

This blog will introduce creating a clock guide to forecast goal to dream rituals and an easily accessible reference section of tools to borrow or buy instructions click here or visit the reference section, click a link to arrive at a book, course, or article.

Blog five of this series links to free guide sheets for personalizing the forecast to dreams do come true success. Assistance making time work for instead of against you. Yes, designing time. Who knew?

"Begin with the end in mind" Stephen Covey

1. Creating a guide for goals to dreams

Begin practicing a goal to dream strategy in simple steps with forecasting - to serve as an advance indication or foreshadowing your success with forethought - intention.

Let's define these first,


  • Verb. To serve as an advance indication of; foreshadow.

  • Noun. A prediction, as of coming events or conditions.


  • Verb. Present an indication or a suggestion beforehand

  • Noun. An indication or reconfiguration of something to come.


  • Deliberation, consideration, or planning for the future; foresight

The forethought of outcomes creates the roadmap of simple steps. We can only do one thing at a time well. The brain often works easiest when it is focused.

Turning fifty got playful writing an unofficial blog called, Fifty Fabulous and Other F Words Not Grey. A memoir of balance with pace using: Faith, Food and Fitness, Financial, Fun, Friends and Family, and other F words describing targets for my dreams that year.

Among a few hundred followers comprised of friends, family, and acquaintances the details were well received and we all got a good laugh of my high jinx and adventures. From climbing Mount Tammany to riding a motorcycle 8,000 miles along the northeast in all kinda weather.

What words you use to describe your time is subjective. The most important idea is knowing relationships begin within your branding through love and caring for your white space or areas in your schedule to do what is important to you and your business.

For decades have used goals that begin in January. I am one of the weirdos who statistically float to the top of the question: "what percentage of people complete their New Year’s Resolutions?" Although there are conflicting accounts, between 8 to 9%, we can all agree, those people piss us off. Why? They are either lying or stingy with their sage wisdom, right?

Hindsight is 20/20

Looking back can see me as being unique, but at the time did not set out to be weird or different. This blog has steps that work for me and results researched that work for other people. These are suggestions. A guide. By the end of the day, it is up to the user to decide what works for them.

2. There are no easy peasy answers for the time

If you are not bursting with great joy over how you feel or how business is running there may be room for shifting white space, big rocks, and gravel. Let's make this easier shall we.

A ritual created, do this one thing to reboot me every September to prepare for January first. Reset my goals to dreams forecast. This practice is set up in my life to make things easier. But this does not mean I say yes to everything.

#SOSS TIP: Being accountable to a company strategy or family guide is very different. Those structures are in place and must be renegotiated.

The guide designed over the years has created a yes environment. When I know what my schedule of Big Rocks is for the year. Minimizing the gravel is key. Because of my F word priorities. What is different between you and me? Everything is tailored to the user. Creates our health and happiness.

The tools created are based on three-plus decades of blood sweat and tears. Trial and error. Failure through to success. The hope is this way of viewing a schedule, with practice, will be your desire for forecasting dreams. Not a repeat of what works for me. But what works for your desires.

To build trust with yourself is an individualized standard.

When working with others have three choices. Do it their way. Your way. Or, a third alternative. Mixing ideas to what works for everyone involved.

How is this possible? Flexibility to outcomes. Ask questions like, does it matter if we follow one time sequence or schedule? How can we create a yes environment? What are some of the questions you have or others? _________________________________________ (fill in)

Is this like math? As long as we get to the answer the how is only relative to the user. This is the knowledge we can share with others. Providing options users may not have thought of to help create a better way for everyone.

Scientific studies time and time again demonstrate the benefit of focusing on one task. An interesting article, Multitasking splits the brain, by Gisela Telis, highlights the basics here.

For more information books and articles are provided in the reference section, plus your own research will add to the depth of importance for focus. Affirm why you are where you are and how to forecast the next goal to dream pathway.

There is no instant fix or one right way, but there is instant knowledge to understanding for wisdom to an insight of choices.

The purpose of the guide in Vol. 1:3 is to assist in simple steps to get the gold at the end of the rainbow. You ultimately decide what works for you. The templates with support will help you create, build, and fine-tune actions toward the forecast to dream strategy.

If you are like my son would have begun before birth. Mom planning to raise a healthy kind successful man begins way back then. Me, I’m on the slow boat to china as they say. There was no one to teach me these strategies. Which is part of the mission.

Empowering happiness through literacy toward knowledge to understanding for wisdom to the insight of choices.

Enable individuals and communities who fall short on the support system to aid their self-discovery. How I got involved in creating the C.H.I.L.L Hub or Co-work Hostel Intentions Lifestyle Learning Hub for entrepreneurs and youth aging from the foster care system like I was.

Everyone’s journey is unique. There is not a speed test at the end of life with the question, "What took you SO long?"

Forecasting of dreams can be found in the steps we take along the way.

I wish it were easy for me. It was not. As a result, am here with you. Not regretting a moment of the path I walk. Happy to be of service and help those who need this with their next step and the one after this. Through trials found my purpose here with you being of service.

Everyone is at a different space and pace. Knowing where to start can adjust the focus. Move the mountains. Create the system, even if you do not think you have one, there is a structure for everyone designed by and for the specific forecast. Either consciously or subconsciously.

If you do not build trust with yourself or take care of yourself this will not work as easily. If you look good and feel good you can do better for yourself and the world. The space you occupy is your world. Do well here and this will ripple to the ends of the earth collectively building your market base audience if this is for business.

These ideas become ritual reference points. Rather than rote habits. Create mindsets to fall back on. Help adjust to what will work for you. Leave room to readjust as needed.

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6)

If we are not happy with what we are doing must retrain ourselves differently. The guide arriving in blog Volume 1:5 will help begin the process of practice forecasting dreams to success. Consisting of ideas, templates to fill out. Rework. Cater to what you can and will do to gain momentum.

3. Identifying Big Rocks and the meaning of each

Before using the guide make a list of the top seven to ten areas of life that are the most important. Or, use my list. You can always adjust the names and ideas to your system as this develops.

Understanding what each item on the list means uniquely helps determine the importance and how to use this.

  1. Faith - beliefs that guide. Principles to live by. Ways to accomplish this: practice weekly faith-based activities, volunteer, pray, mindfulness.

  2. Finance - how to earn, grow, enjoy the income. Make a lot of money, help a lot of people, have more fun (D. Meltzer). Maintain and build a strong inner circle professionally. Training and learning.

  3. Fitness - how to take care of the body spiritually, physically, intellectually, socially, emotionally.

  4. Food - how to feed the body physically, healing, brain.

  5. Fun - how to enjoy everything including difficult tasks. Social activities. Hobbies.

  6. Family - handwritten notes, make and send thoughtful gifts, call, visit.

  7. Friends - maintain and build a strong inner circle socially. Handwrite notes, make and send thoughtful gifts, call, visit.

  8. Forecast - update and redesign a calendar that builds business and enhances the core forecast to dreams coming true. Creativity on fire.

Using these keystone F words and their meaning assists in building the guide daily, weekly, monthly, and annually for business. Knowing when the balance is off. How to remedy this is key to great joy and happiness.

Why is the guide in Volume 1:5 different from the ones we pay for or online options?

Those require you do what they suggest. If all those other options worked why do only 8 to 9% of people complete their resolutions? There are so many statistics that demonstrate many people do not stick to using other people's creations.

Taking ownership of the clock you create for will be all your own. Like planting and caring for a garden. Or, anything else we elect to nurture will grow. Whether a bad habit or functional ritual practice. Ownership in creating is everything. This is your decision. I am here to help.

Sometimes we have to be off-balance to find it.

This guide building may seem difficult at first. Push people off their marks as they get used to us doing better for us. This is perfectly normal. These shifts will become a practice that works for you. In return can work for others.

Getting a hold of the white space is imperative. Gone are the days, when do I have time? Now is the moment to create the forecast toward dreams and become exuberant of what you truly desire.

This guide is only the beginning of what is possible. Depending on how much you adjust will determine the speed in which you create the white space emptiness to fill with that one thing is you have always wanted, needed, worked for, but did not know how to start or improve.

Oftentimes with more time comes more opportunities. Even so, where creativity and happiness happen is often in the wide-open white spaces. The freedom we work for throughout our lives exists here. Right now.

If you are feeling crowded by the squeeze of time. Lack of money. Feeling overwhelmed by SO much to do. Many people feel this way. #YouAreNotAlone

This blog series includes simple steps to take. Ways to employ building success one area at a time. The speed at which you accomplish forecast to dreams is unique.

Regardless of where you are in the steps is not as important as being in a process.

If this blog does not add value to your goals try another. Add the measure that works and pass on the value that does not for you, but may for another.

If you stumbled across this blog #2 Simple One-Step Success: Your Value Expands Your Personal Brand click here to find blog one and ensure you are caught up from the beginning.

4. Forecast Guide tool for download

Creating a personalized strategy for today to develop tomorrow toward dreams become reality is subjective even if we have specific tools.

If you have never been taught how to create or manage white space to forecast with your dreams the likelihood life is filled with responsibilities and the potential for midlife crisis or post 50's doubts toward now what when a job is lost, retirement shows up, not enough savings for retirement, death of a loved one, or basically choices were made through life for all sorts of reasons nurturing the loss of that dream all due to not knowing possibilities for creating space.

Having desires like family life and being a published author who now speaks about the thing you wrote about. Or, what about becoming the next Picasso or teacher, inventor, business owner, more.

Considering every influence of my life from Covey to Meltzer based on time and two-plus decades of using my own development toward building a guide that works for me created a group of fun templates to help you explore what resonates for you. If you forgot doing this annually will at least identify what areas for strategizing space in your schedule to know which tools for purchase might work.

Some people prefer a Franklin Covey planner style:

Johnny Dumas has a focus goal journal:

For a few ideas click here to visit the Strategy Task Mastering section for options.

This blog will not cure your life of what happened time-wise or what will happen. What this blog and forecast journal released in blog Volume 1:5 is … a seed. Ideas to help you plant the orchard or forest to be.

Practicing strategies for creating white space for becoming an author is very different than being a mom who always has a blog of space for spa time and whatever this means to her.

Chad Ryan, a cool author I know shares a free course with a section on how to reconfigure schedules to become the author you always wanted to be now. Click here to port there or visit the writing section below within references upon completion of the blog and see other resources, too.

Remember no matter what you decide include self-care as the top principle choice. Click here to visit blog one with ways to accomplish this.

Find what does not work. Focus on what does work.

If you want to be successful in a specific field like speaking, writing a song, leadership, comedy, happiness, more. Check out the reference section.

What are your thoughts on time? Did you find any of the insights in this post especially useful? What books not on the list would you recommend, and why?

Have a question for me? Connect on LinkedIn and Goodreads. If I am not able to assist am happy to refer you to someone who may be able to. If you know anyone else who may benefit from this post, please be sure to pass this blog on.

Thank you for reading

In next month’s blog, we dig deep using the journal discovering, “How do I forecast dreams?”

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References for beginning and mastering success: Click here for books, articles, free courses, videos, more

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